Roaming SIM Cards and Other Top International Travel Tips

Despite increased technology making it easier to maintain contact, meet and interact with people overseas- for business and for pleasure- there are still many industries where regular international travel is a necessity. For example, if you import products you may want to check out the factory and how your products are being made.Chances are that you have to explain all of your expenses away for tax and for reporting purposes. More importantly, I am sure that you would rather keep your money in your pocket instead of handing it over to someone else.The purpose of this article is to share with you three great tips on how you can save money if you have to travel overseas regularly.Buy a Roaming SIM Card – I cannot emphasise enough the value of purchasing a roaming SIM card if you travel overseas regularly. With a roaming SIM you will save anywhere up to 90% on what you would have spent had you used your home mobile. In many countries you will not pay to receive calls and this is where you will see the most significant savings. Some people will tell you to buy prepaid SIM cards from each country you visit but chances are that these will have an expiry date so you will be constantly trying to make sure everyone is kept up to date with what number you are using on that trip. If you buy an international roaming SIM card you could put it on your business card as your international phone number. It will never change.Make sure you regularly fly with the same airline – If you regularly fly with the same airline you will earn frequent flyer points and these frequent flyer points can be redeemed for free flights. If you are constantly flying different airlines you will not earn these points and, as such, you will never earn free flights. Shopping around for cheaper flights may end up costing you more in the long term because of not being able to redeem these flights.Make sure you stay with the same hotel chain and join their rewards program – Like airline travel, try to stay with the same hotel chain through the world because you will be able to earn points for each night you spend there so that you can get free nights after a while.This article has contained some great tips that you can easily implement if you are a regular traveller. Do yourself a favour and take them up today.

The Best Day for International Travel

If you are considering taking an international vacation, you may have wondered if you could afford the airfare. With the strong competition between travel companies, one can easily book a flight and arrange for tickets online to practically any international destination for a more affordable price than ever before. The great thing about this is that you can do it all from home and totally at your personal convenience. You can easily compare prices between airlines as well as prices between different departure dates and locations. Here are a few things that will help you figure out when the best day for international travel will be for you.The cost of international tickets tends to change on a daily basis, so you should check regularly on the Internet to see the prices. You can also sign up with different travel sites and have daily fares sent to your email so you don’t even need to search for them. By keeping track of the rise and fall of the ticket prices, you will be able to understand the trends and figure out when is the best time to get a ticket for your preferred international destination. You will be able to see that on certain days of the week, prices seem to be lower. You will also be able to see that traveling to international destinations at different times of year will affect the prices.Often, traveling during the off season or at odd times can make a real difference in the airfare. During the peak season, the airlines know that people will pay almost any price that is charged. They lower their prices during the off season to try to attract more tourists. Some airlines even have specific days of the week when they offer cheap tickets. These are not advertised deals but if you are regularly checking prices and offers, you will be able to catch the ones that will work for you. If you actually book your ticket shortly after midnight you can often get a discount. Some airlines give a discount to the first person to book a flight after midnight because they usually update the computerized system on a regularly scheduled basis at midnight.Just like with local flights, international flights are more expensive on weekends, because that is when most people have to travel. If you want a cheaper flight, then you will want to go midweek. As you look at ticket prices, be sure to look at different days of the week so that you can find those less expensive flights.